Back to School Reflections

It's hard to believe it's already back to school time in our neck of the woods. I have so enjoyed seeing everyone's back to school pics on Facebook. It can be fun to see how kids have grown and changed over the years. It can also be a time of reflection.

I remember high school orientation for my first son. I went alone, listened to all the information, and felt the room spinning. Afterwards, I rushed to my car where I proceeded to convulsively cry. I called my mom, freaking her out with my loud wailing. When I finally calmed down, we talked it over: I came to the sudden realization that I had four years left! What did I still need to teach him? Was he ready? Would he survive?! It was a sobering moment as I pondered the task of raising all our children.

The best advice I received at the beginning of his senior year was this: "Save your tears til next August. Let senior year be a time of celebrating and rejoicing. Don't annoy him always being sad." So I took the advice and ran with it. I enjoyed his senior year and didn't even cry when we dropped him off at college. As we drove home, my husband turned to me with a wink and said, "One down; two to go!" I made it all the way home without a tear; but as I walked up the familiar stairs to our house, I proceeded to weep--ok wail--for a good hour.  Our other two kids were scared! What had become of their calm mom?! My daughter just held me and cried too.

Those memories seem so far away now, but I bet they ring true with many of you. Whether you're dropping off your little one to kindergarten or college, picking up a grandchild in that crazy car-rider line, change is scary and fun all at the same time.

Someone needs to hear this today--As we get back to our fall routines with its chaos and change, be reminded and encouraged that the God who allows change also never changes. Be encouraged, young mom, as you struggle to be okay with change, that He sees you and He cares.  

And if you need a hug from a friend, we're here for you. Stop by for a word of encouragement, a friendly hug, or just a good laugh! We love sharing life with you.

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