Rejoicing In Hope

What is it about a sunshiny day that can change even the gloomiest attitude? Even when the weather is cool, seeing the bright sun makes my heart rejoice! And so it is today as I see not a cloud in the sky, that I cannot help but remember how much rain and flooding we had this past weekend. Seeing pictures of the flooding around us is devastating. I'm amazed how things can look so dreary and hopeless, but within a few days, the sun is shining.


As Easter is upon us, I'm reminded of the true HOPE within me. I think of the first Easter and how the disciples were filled with sorrow--all hope was lost. They didn't know that the blessed Sunday was only a few days away, and with it, the greatest HOPE for all mankind. Oh how blessed we are to know this hope that changes everything!

My dear friend, are you tired, weary, and feeling hopeless? Rejoice with me~HOPE is here, and His name is Jesus!

Have a blessed Easter,



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