Rest, Relax, And Recharge

Although it's just the beginning of July, it feels like we're halfway through the summer. (I just realized that summer begins on June 21!) If you've got kids, grand kids, or just a crazy busy schedule, you might feel it's time for a break. When you're feeling tired and weary, rest assured, you're not alone.

Have you discovered when you're physically exhausted, mentally worn out, or spiritually depleted that it's hard to function? Recently I went to California with a friend for five days--I didn't realize how exhausted I had become. While my friend worked, I had alone time, walked the shops, strolled the beach, and found outdoor cafes to sit and write in my journal. I realized how good it is for the soul to just be still (and eat gelato!)

It's not always easy to get away or have time alone. How do you fill your empty cup? Some things that we've found help: Get more rest...Wake up early and exercise...Spend time in the Word...Slow down...Enjoy a cup of hot cocoa and read a good book.

Do you feel like you're the last one to get refreshed? Don't feel guilty about making time for yourself! You'll feel rested, relaxed, and refreshed afterwards, ready to take on the next thing that comes along.

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