See Us at the Register

"See You at The Pole" is Wednesday, Sept. 25, an annual gathering of students meeting at their school flagpoles to pray simultaneously. It's a voluntary, student led activity where kids pray for their schools, community, and country.

I've always loved this idea--I think it's been around since my kids were in grade school. To be honest, though, when I was in high school, I definitely wasn't so bold to speak much about my faith let alone pray at the school's flagpole. So I commend all the students who participate on this day! 

We have a similar event that happens at our store; it's called See Us at The Register. Ok, it's not really an event as much as a frequent activity. We've been blessed with so many amazing customers who call us friends; many of you have told us that we feel like home/a safe place. We consider it a privilege to talk to you about your families, life, and prayer needs.

When someone shares a need with us, we write it down, and all of us pray for you. When someone gives me an update, I pass it along, and we cheer or cry along with you. We've prayed for husbands going through chemo; grand babies being born; families with job loss; sisters struggling with cancer; homes to sell; children relocating to another state.

We want you to know that we truly care about you. So next time you're at our store, come "See Us at The Register!" Either tell us of a prayer request or write it down and put in the prayer box, and then know that you have friends who will be praying for you. If you're more comfortable in emailing, email me--

Our job here is to love others. Selling wonderful home decor is an added bonus!

See you at the register!


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