So Cute It's Scary!

Get ready to embrace the spooktacular season as Halloween decorating takes center stage! The charm of this time-honored tradition is sweeping through neighborhoods earlier than ever. I've been blown away at the amount of ghosts, pumpkins, witches hats and brooms that have flown out our door in the last two weeks. The same phenomenon happened last August, leading me to think everyone is tired of the heat and ready to celebrate something fun!

Every year the Halloween decor gets cuter and cuter--it's scary! In honor of all the cuteness, we want to show you some of our favorite Halloween tricks and treats!


These pumpkins above look like a little family portrait! These guys even light up! (Tap the pics to see them on our website!)

These adorable ghosts have made me fall in love with them! The above little guy has the cutest face--add some pretty flowers to this vase to finish up the look or leave it just as is.

These ghosts below are outdoor stakes. Can you imagine how cute they will be with your mums and pumpkins?

The textures of these jack-o-lanterns above make them even more delightful! But wait! They light up, too!! Definitely a favorite.

Any time I'm looking for a cute hostess gift, tea towels are always at the top of my list. We have several other designs that will make you smile. These just make me laugh--"candy corn is a vegetable, right?"

As we indulge in all the cuteness, we're reminded that even the simplest decorations can spark joy and connection. In a world that often feels fast-paced, embracing the fun of Halloween decoration is a wonderful way to slow down, engage with our friends, and infuse our surroundings with a touch of enchantment. We hope you'll stop by and enjoy it all with us!

See you soon! 


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