Spring Forward

The beginning of Daylight Savings is always a weekend we look forward to: the days get longer; it's not dark at 5:00 when we leave for work; and we get that extra hour! Funny story--when my kids were little, I would spring all the clocks forward around 4:00 in the afternoon! At 8:00 pm,(really 7pm!) I would tell the kids that it was time for bed. They'd be like "but mom, it's so light out!" So really, that extra hour was just for me and Mike!

Do you ever find yourself looking forward to the next season? "Summer is hot; I can't wait for autumn."  "I hate this cold winter; I can't wait til spring" And so goes the crazy cycle! Sometimes it's hard to just enjoy the season we're in. At the store we're often planning so many seasons ahead that it's hard to remember what season we're in. Rachel has already planned and purchased for Christmas of 2021! In fact, those shipments will start arriving in June. So...you can see why we're always a little confused!

Different seasons can also apply to our lives. Sometimes we're in a really fun season, and we just don't want it to end. More often, though, we're in a difficult season, hanging on by a thread, and just want it to be over. Sadly, I'm not always a good learner, so that season tends to last a little longer than I wish.

As we're entering spring and Easter, how do you embrace this season to its fullest? Do you like tulips and bunnies; bright colors and all things happy? My heart rejoices at the sight of daffodils popping up and Bradford Pear Trees blooming. It's my hope that as the weather warms and the flowers bloom, springtime will give you the hope of new life. Whatever this season brings, may we be full of grace and prepared to embrace it.

Until next time, enjoy the sunshine and the blooms!


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