Spring Into Easter

Recently as I was walking my puppies, I was reminded how the change in seasons mirror God’s promises to us. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that nature is coming back to life just as Easter is upon us. I’m in awe and wonder at God’s display of beauty in creation: daffodils have awakened from their slumber; birds are praising their great Creator; even trees adorn secrets of the cross in their blooms. As everything comes back to life, I’m full of hope and gratitude for change and new life that only God can bring. 

Cozy Spring Pillows

While we adore the sweet bunnies throughout our store, (they’re everywhere!!) I ponder the true meaning of Easter season: sorrow to hope; death to resurrection; darkness to light; fear to the promise of eternal life. How can I not be joyful as I see God’s goodness and faithfulness all around me? I want to surround myself with reminders of God’s glorious creation and redemption story!

Green Melamine Spring Table Setting

Perhaps this is something you also strive for during the Easter season–to surround your space with a calmness and peace to actually focus on the goodness around you. Perhaps you’d like to make your home a refuge for family and friends to relax and feel loved. Here at the store we desire to help you “fill your home with things you love.” 

Green Spring Wreath


We hope today's post will encourage you to continually make your home a place a place of refuge and peace. If you need inspiration or a little help with a problem area, that's what we're here for! Swing by the store or send us a message. We would love to help.

Lauren Dunn Artwork

Easter Window Display

We encourage you to embrace this glorious season and fill your home with little moments that lift your spirit. May you feel peace and hope during the Easter season.

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