Spring Into Happy

"If you don't like the weather, give it 24 hours," seems to be the theme for us in middle Tennessee! One day it's 72, the next it's 27--for real! Even though spring technically starts on March 20th, we're bringing out our happy colors and begging spring to come a little early. Everywhere you turn at our store you'll find pops of green, pink, yellow, blue and so much more. 

I spent the last couple of days around my home making the transition to spring. I'm telling you, it makes my heart so happy! I still have that cozy feeling, but I've exchanged the winter greens for pops of purple and white everywhere!

In case you need a little inspiration to help you step into spring at your home, we wanted to show all the beautiful things at the store!

  • Pillows! Pillows! Everywhere!!
We have a funny saying around here, "You can never have too many pillows or blankets," and it's really quite true. With every season, pillows give you a great opportunity to splash some accent colors. You won't be disappointed when you see our spring collection of pillows.

    • Bedding
    Springtime gives the chance to brighten up your whole room with fresh bedding. If your bed is layered with heavy winter blankets, it's time to start planning for spring weather with softer layers. With our Tennessee weather, it's always nice to have an extra blanket across the foot of the bed this time of year. Don't forget to bring in spring colors with cheery accent pillows.


      • Artwork
      It's always fun to change out art throughout your home. We're not necessarily talking about the large pieces of art, although you can do that, too. Look around and see if your art is seasonal; I discovered I still had a canvas with a winter church scene. Keep your statement pieces in place, but swap out those wintry pieces with something that speaks of spring -- bunnies, florals, or a spring church canvas.


        • Front Door
        How could I possibly forget to mention changing your wreath?! The first impression of your home is your front door, so add a wreath that makes you smile when you walk in. 

          • Flowers
          Of course you know that my favorite color is purple, so I've changed up everything by adding my favorite pops of purple throughout out our home. Find flowers that make you happy and add them throughout your home. 

            If you need more inspiration, we're here to bring some sunshine to your life! As always, we love seeing pictures of your home and where you'd like to change things up. 

            One of the best parts of March is our spring open house is this Friday & Saturday, March 4-5. 

            Until next time,


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