Summer Project Series - Creating a Patio Retreat

Do you have a favorite spot in your home? A place that makes you happy, brings back good memories, or is your quiet retreat? Some of my best memories were made sitting on our deck with friends, sipping sweet tea, and watching the kids chase lightning bugs in the yard.

As the kids grew that same deck became the home to birthday parties, cookouts, and graduation parties. Oh, what sweet days!

As the weather gets warmer and the sun stays up a little bit longer, it is time to give your patio or deck a good clean sweep. As we continue today with our Summer Project Series, we want to share a few of our favorite tips for updating your outdoor space. Just a little refresh can make all the difference!


Great Lighting:

With any design project, lighting is an important element. So don't neglect your outdoor lighting. While there are many beautiful options for outdoor light fixtures, this project doesn't have to break the bank or require an electrician. Just a string or 2 of our outdoor lights will do the trick!

I love stringing outdoor lights and lighting candles to add ambiance to the space. Seeing the lights twinkling at night makes my heart happy bringing back those sweet memories of my kids chasing lightning bugs!

Bonus Tip: If you don't have a handy plug, or just want to be able to turn on your lights with a switch, look for an adapter like this at your local hardware store! It just screws into an existing light fixture. Then you can flip the switch, and Voila--let there be light!


Beautiful Planters:

Hanging baskets and potted plants are another creative way to add softness to the patio. Don't be afraid to mix and match your planters. Keep the style similar but add containers with varying heights for dimension. Pick some pretty hanging baskets and be sure to hang them low enough so you can water them without drowning yourself in the process... 


Bring the Indoors Outside:

Does your patio have a wall? Adding a clock, arched shelves, hanging planters, or even a sign can be a fun way to personalize your outdoor space!


What about bringing in pretty pillows and a lightweight throw to snuggle up on those cooler nights? Just a little happy pillow or two may be just the finishing touch your space needs!



And with that, we can check another project off our Summer To-Do List! What are some of your favorite patio decorating tips? We know some of you have beautiful outdoor spaces and we would love to hear what makes your space special!

We hope the warmer months will bring a season of happiness! May these months be a time to enjoy the outdoors with family, cook outs, lots of ice cream, outdoor games (Lawn Darts, anyone?), loads of laughter, staying up late, and making memories in the not so ordinary moments of life. The days may be longer but time with our kids is so brief. May we all live in the moments of this summer and not fret about whether or not our patio decor is Southern Living photoshoot ready. Fall will be here before we can blink, the kids will be back to school, and then we can sit on our patios full of pretty flowers and lights, take a deep breath and reflect on the memories of a summer spent together!

Choose Happy Today!




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