The Cure for the Summer Slump

Confession time... Exhaustion and lack of motivation overwhelm me in the summer. Maybe it's the heat, the daily vicious cycle of summer, or convincing myself that I am on "vacation."  I find myself staying up too late, sleeping in, then skipping my time with the Lord, and I end up chasing my day. Admittedly this has become my summer mantra, and frankly I'm weary of it. I feel like I'm giving everything my leftovers. 

Don't get me wrong, leftovers are great for food that has time to marinate, season, and get more flavor. However, most leftovers sit in my fridge too long, grow fur, and eventually get dumped in the garbage.

When we apply the leftover concept to our own lives, the results are pretty abysmal. Humor me here: If someone famous came to your home for dinner, would you reheat last weekend's leftover pizza, present it on a pretty dish, and say "Bon Appetit!" Of course not!

Yet how often do we give our spouse, family members, or even God our leftovers? "Sorry, I'm tired, grouchy, running late, and just don't have the energy." I feel like I need a major energy bar to get me out of my summer slump! Can someone give me an "amen!"

Thank goodness for a time to start fresh and get back in the swing of things! This is one of the many reasons I love fall--back to school routines plus the bonus of wonderful fall smells and cooler temperatures! It's the perfect opportunity to get back to the projects that I have put off this summer.

If you're trying to perk up from your summer slump, we can help! Whether it's finding cute decor for a new college dorm/apartment, sprucing up your home with fall colors, finding new wall art, or finally doing the chalk paint project (click here for a tutorial), we are here to help! Even if you're looking for someone to take care of your back to school monogramming--towels, shirts, hats, backpacks--you name it; we can do it!

We're starting to bring out beautiful fall items that are bound to cheer you up! So let's get out of the summer slump together!

Til next time, keep the air conditioning on!



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