A Time to Appreciate Teachers

Have you noticed the days are getting longer? As we enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend, it was so nice to savor a little extra sunshine. It's a signal that summer is just around the corner, school is coming to a close, and Teacher Appreciation Week, May 6-10, is upon us.

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A few years have passed since I sat in a classroom. Some of the memories have faded, but as I sat down to reflect on this week's blog post, I was surprised by how many things stuck with me. My list of influential teachers is a long one. From Mrs. Piper's preposition song to debating WWII in Dr. Hagewood's class, and Mr. Jordan reminding a chapel full of middle schoolers "Who you are makes a difference!" I could fill the pages of a book with the valuable lessons, funny stories, and experiences from my school days. 


I was so blessed to have a phenomenal group of teachers! Even as an adult, many of them have continued to support me by shopping at our store, offering words of encouragement, and becoming dear friends. To all the teachers who have been a part of my story, "Thank you! Thank you for teaching me the things that can't be learned from a text book, loving me, and being as example of Christ's love. You have each helped me grow in ways that tests & report cards cannot measure." 

Teacher Gifts

As Teacher Appreciation Week approaches, we would love for you to encourage us with stories of your favorite teachers. Who were some of your favorite teachers? What lessons did they teach you and how are you passing those things on to the next generation? Leave us a story in the comments below. Our first encouraging story comes from our very own Annabelle!



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