Thankfulness In All Circumstances

During the busiest retail time of the year, the humor isn't lost on me that Thanksgiving is smack dab in the middle. Here at The Wreath Stand, we've been going full steam ahead with the holidays since September--it feels like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas have blended together and we have to be reminded to put on the brakes--Thanksgiving is in two days!

This Thursday gives us time to pause, breathe, and remember all the things we're thankful for. My question is--do we really pause to be thankful or are we just running around crazy on Thanksgiving, trying to make everything just "perfect?" So often the busyness of getting ready for Thanksgiving causes us to have less than joyful hearts. (Can I get an amen?) It's like we're doing so many things to get ready to see people that we're grouchy when they finally show up!

Truth be told for many of us, 2021 has been as difficult as 2020, and sometimes it's hard to find things to be thankful for. You have shared with us your good times and hard times, and we have rejoiced and cried with you. 

I've discovered through my own sorrows that thankfulness is a choice I have to make every day, with some days being harder than others. Thankfulness takes my weary heart and turns it heavenward, taking my mind off my circumstances and putting my thoughts on the goodness of the Lord. I continually remind myself, "the joy of the Lord is my strength; I will not let circumstances dictate my happiness and peace." Even on my hardest day, when I recall all the Lord has done for me, I can't help but be grateful and rejoice!

The best way to boost my thankfulness is to go to the book of Psalms. "Faithful love" is repeated over and over, giving me great pause to be thankful. I also love a good book. If you've had a harder than usual year, this book might be just what you need. The author, Ann Voskamp, is so encouraging as she guides you to let your brokenness be turned into abundance.

Life is hard, but God is good. Even in the hardest of times, I pray our lives will be full of joy, peace, and thanksgiving. May we overflow with thankfulness and share the hope that is in us!

Until next time, 


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