Thanks, Dad!

With Father's Day right around the corner, I know there are so many emotions that go along with this day. My memories are sweet and my emotions are full as I think of all that my dad means to me. I get so many great characteristics from both of my parents, but since it's Father's Day, my mind goes to my dad, aka Papa Bob.

My green eyes, sense of humor, practical jokes, and can-do attitude is from my dad. My son, Austin, got my dad's middle name, Robert Austin. All three of my kids have great memories of Papa Bob. He used to joke that I was like the boy he didn't have, as we would watch sports together. I had him teach me all about sports--he thought I wanted to learn but really I just wanted to impress the boys with my sports knowledge! Oh how we loved watching the Chicago Cubs and Bradley Braves.

My dad grew up in the era where you learned to do everything for yourself: change oil, build a deck, fix a toilet, put in a ceiling fan and so on. Every time my parents would come for a visit, I'd have a new project for Dad to do. We have re-upholstered so many pieces of furniture. When people ask me if I can reupholster a sofa for them, my answer is always "not without my dad's help!"

The best gift both my parents have given me is a godly heritage. They have been missionaries for 25 year and have traveled to over 60 countries. My mind goes to memories of both of my parents sitting, reading God's Word. Every day while I was growing up, I would see my dad sitting at the kitchen table reading the One Year Bible; he has read through the Bible too many times to count, and my love for the Old Testament comes from him.

Thanks, Pops, for being my cheerleader, my go-to craft guy, my Bible answer man, and my friend. I sure am a lucky girl!




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  • Patricia binkley

    Beautiful words and memories. I miss my parents so much. Cherish these days!!

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