The Joy Of Christmas

In keeping with our "joy" theme this month, it's hard not to be joyful knowing Christmas is a little over 5 months away! But don't let that stress you out. Instead think of yummy candles, cooler weather (my favorite,) and visualize sparkling lights everywhere.

Here at The Wreath Stand, Christmas is at the top of our minds because we've been receiving holiday shipments since late May! Can you even believe that?! Every now and then Michelle and Dianne let me come to the back of the store to see some of the Christmas merchandise that's arrived!

Here's a fun fact you might not know about Rachel: she is extremely organized for Christmas. This all starts in January as she plans and purchases for Christmas. I always think it's funny how we just finish Christmas and then she has to turn around in January and purchase for the next Christmas! Whew! Rachel's joy of Christmas is shown by her meticulous planning for each and every tree in the store. She even has a book that plans for each tree's ornaments, ribbons, and so much more! Only few people are privy to this book!! Lucky Rhonda (below) got a peak last week! 

We always love a reason to celebrate, so we thought it would be fun to commemorate Christmas countdown with a little fun in July. If you're needing some "happy happy joy joy" in your life, then you need to come see us this Saturday, July 23, for our Christmas In July party (or as we say here, "partayyyy!!") Rachel is also the best party planner, so you can expect Christmas cookies, iced hot cocoa, and a door prize drawing for anyone who wears Christmas attire!

The air conditioning will be blowing and Christmas music playing to help you get in the holiday spirit! Of course, we'll have lots of Christmas merchandise (and some fall, too) that will be available for you to purchase. I can't show you pics yet, so follow us on our social media to see sneak peaks all week!

Until next time, start playing some Christmas music!




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