The Joy of Summer Memories

If you don't live in the Nashville area, you might think we're crazy saying summer is almost over. Growing up in Illinois, we started school after Labor Day, but around here the kiddos start the beginning of August. (Bless them!) I used to chuckle seeing kids dressed up for the first day of school in their finest fall attire--new shoes, jeans, and sweaters; they had to wear their new clothes, even if it was 102 degrees outside! 

While summer is winding down, have you thought about how to gather up all your summer memories so you don't forget them? If you're like me, you might have 1000's of pictures just floating on your phone and computer. Let me encourage you to do something: print out the pictures or make a photo album. For several years, I went online and made summer vacation photo books. I still look at those photo albums and smile. 


  • New Pictures And Frames: Besides printing out pictures or making a photo album, I like changing up the pictures and frames on my gallery wall. It's another way I'm able to cherish old memories while adding new ones. And let's face it, sometimes we tire of our old frames, so why not add some up-to-date frames? Your pictures don't have to be "photographer quality" to be framed. If the picture is special to you, frame it! One of my favorite framed photos was of the kids at the beach smiling as a wave is crashing on them. 
  • Document Your Trip: Have you ever been on a vacation and wished for a way to document it? In our second year of marriage we thought it would a great idea to drive from Illinois to Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and then Estes Park while also seeing Wall Drug, Devil's Tower, The Badlands, and Mt. Rushmore. Whew! I was also 3 months pregnant: cue lots of pit stops with Joy Joy being very sick! There was a LOT of driving, but the memories of that trip still resonate to this day. I wish we had journaled the trip or had a cool map (like below) to document all the places we went.  

At The Wreath Stand, we carry some really cool maps to encourage you to document your vacation. Rachel and Jay love traveling & are trying to make it to all 50 states and as many National Parks as they can. It's fun to see more places they keep adding to the map. 

  • Journal: We carry sweet journals to help you write about your vacation. Isn't it more fun writing in a cute journal? If it's not too late this year, take your journal with you on vacation. Jot down things you see, smell, eat, and hear. Silly quotes from family members are always fun to write down. Add amusement park tickets or other keepsakes you might find as well as a goofy family picture. Journaling while you're on the trip makes it easier to remember. But in case you're already back from vacation, you can still write down your memories--you just might need some prompting from family members!                                              

I hope you've enjoyed our "Joy of..." series this month. Our goal at The Wreath Stand is to be a joyful retreat for you. Hearing you tell us that we're your "happy place" makes our hearts rejoice! With fall and Christmas around the corner, we look forward to helping you make more joyful memories!

Until next time, take some time to reflect on your summer!



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