The Ruts We Make

March seems to be the time of year for major ruts. The other day I was driving to work and saw a car literally in a rut. While I was headed one direction, his car had done a 180, turned the opposite direction in the ditch. I thought--that poor guy is in a major rut; his day is not starting off well at all.

Just today I was pondering my own figurative rut. Those well intended resolutions from January have long lost their luster. I made it through my 40 day sugar/chocolate fast, yet like on cue, on day 41 I hurled myself back into the depths of sugar heaven. I'm frustrated with that self-inflicted rut!

Here's another rut: the winter doldrums have hit hard. Spring is just a week away; we're ready to rid ourselves of our heavy winter clothes. The weather is bipolar, however, and we really know it's not time to put those sweaters away. We want bright spring clothes, but still have the dark winter tones greeting us each morning.

And, the last rut we hear from you almost daily: "I've put away all my winter flowers and greenery, but now what?"

When I'm in a rut, my question is always, "How am I going get out of this?" I'm a problem solver and an action taker. For instance, anytime I watch a super hero movie, I always ask, "Who's gonna clean that mess?!"

So how do we make that figurative 180? While that guy in the car needed a tow truck to help him, sometimes we need a tow truck of inspiration! Here at The Wreath Stand we may not be able to help you with the sugar rut--we sell lots of yummy chocolate and toffee--but we can help you get out of the winter "blahs" and ready for Spring with our lovely spring flowers, decor inspiration, and even some cute spring wardrobe accessories.


Together we can get out of the rut and make things lovely again with pops of happy throughout your home and wardrobe:

  • Brighten a friend's day with a gift of yellow tulips in a pretty vase;
  • Freshen your porch with a new Spring wreath;
  • Bring life to your shelves with a cute bunny or 2 (or 11--you know how bunnies are!!)
  • Set the stage with a pretty tablescape;
  • Bring the happy to your outfit with bright jewelry & a smile;
  • And exchange the heavy black sweater for a delicate Spring kimono!

Let's say "goodbye" to our winter ruts and "hello" to spring changes for the better! Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Until next time, keeping shining~


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