Time for Dad

Every year my church has middle school and high school camps in June, and inevitably, middle school camp is always during Father's Day weekend. Back when my boys went to camp, I thought, what a perfect Father's Day gift--having middle school boys gone to camp! Now that my kids are older, I'm excited that they'll be home this year for Father's Day, along with my little grandson!

If you're looking for gift ideas for Father's Day, you might be surprised to know that The Wreath Stand has fun things for dads. But before I show some ideas, let me tell you something not to get for Father's Day if your man is introverted and doesn't want attention drawn to him.

Last Father's Day, our women's ministry thought it would be fun for the wives to get their husbands matching shirts. They sent us the link to order the shirt, and a LOT of us bought blue checked dress shirts for our men. I thought it was hilarious. (You might have seen this trick on social media.) Picture hundreds of men walking around in the same shirt! Some laughed; some didn't think it was funny. This pic is just a fraction of the blue checked-wearing dads. I'll put this experience down as "things I won't do again!"

We love helping our sweet customers find great gifts for all occasions, and Father's Day is no exception. Rachel has found some sweet things for the men this year. We've got "Move over Dad sits here" pillow that even has a pocket for the remote control; books for Dad and Grandpa; and amazing smelling Dr. Squatch natural organic soap.

Picture frames are always a sweet gift. We have some especially for dads and grandpas. Make sure to add a picture to your frame before giving it.

If you have a coffee lover in your life, grab a dad or grandpa mug. We also have some fun gadgets and wallets that are sure to please. If puzzles are more his style, we have many fun puzzles that are made right here in Nashville.

Since my husband is a grandpa (Pops) now, I'm kind of obsessed with all the cute things we have for grandpas.

If you need help or some creative ideas for Father's Day, please stop by. We're always here to help, and you'll probably find something for yourself, too! From the dad jokes to the great advice to the fixer uppers, we love our dads and are thankful for them. (Love you, Dad/Papa Bob)

Oh, and here's one more picture from last year, since I wasn't allowed to post on my social media! 

Keep smiling--see you soon!


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