Time For Summer Reading

It's time for one of my favorite blogs of the year--book recommendations! I want to give myself a pat on the back for finally loving books! I'm the girl who didn't like reading books in high school; I'd get to class and ask my friends what the book was about. Back in 2020, my friend, Shannon Price, encouraged me to be a reader. I started reading all of Francine Rivers' books, then Karen Kingsbury, and after that, I was hooked on reading! 

The most recent debate I've had with my husband and a friend is whether or not listening to a book is the same as reading one. Of course, my answer is a resounding “yes” since I listen to books on my drive to and from work as well as when I’m sewing. Whether you agree or not is totally okay! It's fun to read or listen to books whenever you can!

With that in mind, I’ve put together our book picks for this summer along with some picks from our sweet customers. 

(If you click on each picture, we've set up links to GoodReads where you'll find the book review.

Rachel's Picks:
This book is coming out as a movie this summer, so before you see it, you gotta read it first! I've heard nothing but rave reviews. I've got it added
to my own summer reading.
Joy's Picks
Since these are my books, I thought I'd tell you why I like them! For those of you with grown kids, kids about to leave the nest or you wish they would, this book was a game changer for me. I cannot recommend it enough!
The saying, "sometimes life is stranger than fiction" is so true with this book. It's a true story of a pastor's family that moved to a small town and the horrible things that happened to them because someone didn't want them there.
I've read it twice.
This book is definitely a must-read if you like anything related to 9/11. It's better to listen to this one with 45 different people talking on the audio. It was amazing.
This is a precious book. The author tells about her life story while intertwining ways to be grateful for everything. I was so inspired by this book that I got a journal to write down every gift--things I'm thankful for. 
Customers' Picks:
Betsy M's Pick
I've also read this series twice. It's in my top 10 of books. Any Francine Rivers book will not disappoint.
Michelle's Pick:
Sandy's Picks
GoodReads didn't have a review on this one. Robert J. Morgan is the beloved writer of Then Sings My Soul that we carry at the store. I started reading this one, and it's so good. Morgan finds 52 verses in the Bible that have the word "faithful" in it and expounds on each verse. It's a great devotional that will encourage your soul.
Paul Eshleman was the director of The Jesus Film Project for 26 years. In this book, he shares stories from people all over the world whose lives have been changed because of the Jesus Film.
Lana's Pick:
Rhonda's Pick:
Betsy P's Picks:
Kathleen's Picks:

Have you made your book list for the summer? Do you have a goal of reading a certain amount of books this summer? We'd love to hear what you're reading. Comment below or better yet, stop by and tell us about it.

Until next time, happy reading,


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