Tips for Being Mom’s Favorite

Mother's Day is right around the corner. (This Sunday, May 9, just in case you've forgotten!) The past few weeks I've been reminding younger customers that Mother's Day is always the 2nd Sunday in May. It's a good date to remember if you want to be mom's favorite!

As I think of Mother's Day, I think of my sweet, little mom: she's cute, tiny, athletic, and a bundle of energy. She's loved me and prayed for me my entire life. I'm so thankful for her and the godly heritage she and dad have given me.

Although moms don't have favorites, you know it's what we all strive to be, especially those of us who are the babies of the family! And yes, we have a towel to that says so!!

This towel has spurred some fun conversation among our Wreath Stand team. So much so that we even made an unofficial list of things that make each of us "mom's favorite."  Here's what we came up with... I'm not saying we've done these things...I'm also not saying we haven't done these things!!

A few more thoughts:

  • Be thoughtful and intentional
  • Know the things she likes and dislikes--if mom doesn't particularly like to be touched, don't buy her a 60 minute massage. Likewise, if mom thinks that flowers are a waste of money, don't buy them for her!
  • Don't purchase the gift the day you're planning to see her--gift receipts show the date you purchased them--and mom always looks at that date! (or is that just me?!)
  • Chocolate. (I feel no explanation is needed here!)

Funny things aside, we should just do sweet things all the time because we love our mom!

Cheers to all our moms! We love you. You've helped make us the people we are today; and yes, when we speak, sometimes we're quoting you!

Happy Mother's Day~Joy

In honor of Mom's Day, we wanted to share pics of us with our moms. As you can tell, our work family is growing, adding Natasha and Brooke to our family!!




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