Tips for Creating an Outdoor Oasis

Do you have a favorite spot in your home? A place that makes you happy, brings back good memories, or is your quiet retreat? Some of my best memories were made sitting on our deck with friends, sipping sweet tea, and watching the kids chase lightning bugs in the yard.

Last week our blog talked about creating a cohesive space throughout your home. This week we want to carry that cohesive look outdoors! See how I've carried the purple and green to my patio?

When I first bought my patio furniture, I chose pillows that were bright turquoise and pink--those are fun colors and the pillows were cute! I couldn't figure out why  those pretty pillows weren't making me happy. So I took my design dilemma to Rachel!  She explained that since I could see the patio from my family room, my eyes needed everything to flow cohesively. Once I bought new pillows with purple and green, I actually relaxed and thought, "Yes! This is it!" My colors from inside now flowed to my outside.

As you create cohesiveness inside your home, expand it to your outdoor living by including items that carry your accent color from inside to outside. If your home is full of lovely navy blue, use that same accent color in your patio. Take that navy blue and bring it onto your patio with pretty pillows and a lightweight throw. Just a little happy pillow or two may be just the finishing touch your space needs!

If your patio has a wall, adding a clock, arched shelves, hanging planters, or even a sign can be a fun way to personalize your outdoor space! Beautiful hanging baskets and potted plants are more ways to create the story you're wanting to tell. Don't be afraid to mix and match your planters. Keep the style similar to your indoors while adding containers with varying heights for dimension. 

Make sure you stay true to the feeling you're trying to create. Take the story from your indoors and bring it outside. When you add the lighting, plants, flowers, as well as the softness of pillows and blankets, and a puppy to snuggle with, you can have the outdoor oasis you've always wanted. Sit back, sip some tea, and create your story!

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