Share the Love

Is Valentine's Day a holiday you celebrate? I admit, there was a time when Valentine's Day got on my nerves. I think it was a matter of my own unmet expectations. (Can anyone else relate?) However, once I changed my frame of mind, I started to enjoy the holiday so much more. Now I use the opportunity Valentine's Day provides to let others know how much I love them.

How do you show your friends and family love? Do you like giving gifts, sending letters, or just making special phone calls? I decided this year I would send more letters via mail to people. I know how much I enjoy getting real mail, so I want to make it a habit this year.


If pictures and frames were considered a love language, they would definitely be mine. I love framing pics and giving them as gifts. If you walk around the store, you'll see that I've put family members in our frames to make them look more personal. My suggestion to personalize a gift is to get a frame and print a favorite picture of the person you're giving it to.

We are so thankful for our precious customers, and this time of year just seems the perfect time to spread the love! You are a bright spot in our lives. Whatever you decide to do for Valentine's Day, we hope you know that you are deeply loved. Sending you big virtual hugs!

Until next time, tell someone you love them!



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