Welcome Home

Pink Tulips Joy

There's something about the feeling of "home." Whether it's the smell, the people, the warmth, the feeling you get when you're there--it's definitely unmistakable. Such is the feeling I get when I come to our store. I smell a Coconut Lime candle, and I think of summer vacation with my kids. The tulips make me think of going to Holland, MI, for the tulip festival with my first baby. The cherry blossom trees make me think of our old house where we raised our little kids. In picture frames for sale throughout the store we've inserted pictures of our families, which definitely makes it feel like home, making me miss my kids even more! I come here and feel happy and relaxed.

Yesterday we had a customer come in and tell us that our store was her happy place. What a blessing to hear that statement over and over from our sweet shoppers! We want you to come here and feel like you belong; to get those warm feelings of home, friends, and family (well, family members that don't get on your nerves! Admit it--we all have them!)

We want you to feel like you can stop by to see friends: people who will laugh with you, cry with you, or pray for you. We've had the privilege of doing all those things with our customers. For that reason, we're starting this blog--a way for you to get to know your friends, learn something creative, and perhaps share a laugh or two. 

So we say, "Welcome Home!" We look forward to sharing our lives with you from our little home called The Wreath Stand. 

Rachel, Michelle, and Joy


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