What Christmas Means to Me

Every year I have a favorite ornament at the store--you might think it's a "Joy" ornament because, of course, I love all things "joy!" This year, however, the ornament that really spoke to my heart was a simple wood box with gold beads and a picture of the manger with the cross in the background. 

It really hit me as I looked at the ornament--not only is this what Christmas is all about, but it's what life is all about! God sent His only Son to earth to be born in a little wooden manger with the foreknowledge that He would die on a rugged cross for our sins 33 years later.

As I think of what Christmas means to me, my heart overflows with gratitude at the greatest gift given to us, and my life is forever changed because of it. It compels me to be kind, to love deeply, and to forgive freely. 

I've worked in retail for many years, and right now it's just an exhausting time. Yet when I show up to the store, I'm rejuvenated (can you tell I'm an extrovert?) and my heart rejoices as I reflect on all our sweet customers who brighten our lives on a daily basis. For some of you, it's been a really hard year--I want you to know that you've been on our hearts and in our prayers. For others, you're just tired out. Let us be the ones to brighten your day and let you know you're loved. 

With Christmas just days away, I hope you can find peace and rest during the busy time. I pray that you personally know the babe in the manger who grew up to be our Savior. May you know the Hope that only He can give!

Until next time, Merry Christmas!


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