Why are you called 'The Wreath Stand'?

"What a beautiful store! I thought this was a flower shop..."

"Where are all the wreaths?"

"Oh, wow! You have so much more than I expected!"

These are things we hear frequently as new customers walk into our door. I will never tire of the happy look of surprise as our new friends realize we have so much more to offer than wreaths. As we approach our 5th year in business and have so many new friends joining us on our journey, this seems like a good time to share a little piece of our story.

It all began in January of 2014 when my good friend and college roommate sent me a picture of a burlap wreath and asked, "Can you make this?" Her birthday was coming up, so I thought it would be the perfect gift!  

At the time I was working for a medical equipment company, spending my days bookkeeping and pouring over health insurance regulations. I was searching for a creative outlet, so I decided to make a few more wreaths and take them to a craft show. I spent the next few months creating, researching, and finding a place to begin. I imagined a small, farm-stand style setup filled with wreaths. It was through that inspiration that "The Wreath Stand" was born. The first weekend in May, 2014, we setup our very first booth at The Dogwood Festival in Winchester, TN.

First Craft Show

We sold 10 wreaths that weekend! I was hooked. As soon as we got home I began looking for another show. The next couple of years were a busy and wild ride!  As we grew and started participating in larger shows, the time came to bring in a few products that I didn't make myself. After all, working full time and doing a vendor event every weekend didn't leave much time for making new wreaths.  For months our living room (whole house) became a wreath production facility... 


So my husband, Jay, and I headed to market in Atlanta.  Having no idea what we were doing, the whole experience was overwhelming! Three giant buildings in the middle of downtown Atlanta full of every product you can imagine. I read articles about "What to Expect at Market," but nothing really prepared me for what we were walking into... It was amazing! From that first market trip I knew without a doubt that buying things for a store was my dream job! 

We continued doing shows and adding new products to our line. We met so many dear friends and had a blast all along the way! There were some really great weekends and some when we had to laugh to keep from crying...  But those are stories for another day.

Craft Shows

In the summer of 2016 we were blessed with the opportunity to rent a little retail space in the heart of Goodlettsville. Having a brick and mortar location seemed like a pipe dream. After all, I was still working full time and had never worked a day of retail in my life. We had to make a quick decision, and I am so glad we did. It was a huge leap of faith that has lead to something truly wonderful.  


We moved from the sweet town of Goodlettsville to our new home in Berry Hill the first weekend of October, 2018.  Our beautiful new space is far different from where we began just 5 years ago. We have learned A LOT since that first wreath and have changed in so many ways. The one thing that has remained the same over the years is our desire to bring beauty into your life and home. 

Our first business cards had the simple motto printed on the back, "Welcome Home." We hope that is the same feeling you get every time you walk through our door.




To thank you for your support over the last 5 years, we are throwing a Birthday Party!  Mark your calendars for the first weekend in May!  This is an event you don't want to miss.


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