It's "Twos"day!

It's 2-22-22, so I say to you, "Happy Twosday!" If you're into numbers or dates like me, this one is a doozy. When we decorate, we usually say things look better in 3's but it could be easily disputed that sometimes "it just takes two!" Like Rachel & Joy; Like Rascal & Snoopy...

...And don't forget Donny & Marie! Sing it with me… “It takes two, baby. It takes two, baby, just me and you. You know it takes two.”

As I digress, I can hear Rachel saying, "Joy! You did not just put Donny Osmond in our blog again..." Why yes, yes I did!!

Often in decor you’ll hear us say, “Odd numbers are your friend!” Typically in design odd numbers are more visually appealing and create interest. BUT sometimes “rules” are meant to be broken. And what better day than “twos”day to show you times when three can be a crowd and a perfect pair is the way to go!

  • Lamps – A pair of lamps can add balance to your space. Think matching lamps on each end of a buffet or console table, either end table by your sofa, or flanking your bed. Here your lamps are often providing a visual frame for your focal point. (Fun fact: We got a great lamp shipment just last week. You’re going to love a pair of them!) 

  • Wall Decor  – Last week we talked about gallery walls in our blog. This week, why not create a mini gallery with just 2 pieces of artwork? “When would this work in my space?” you might ask. 

Use a pairing of prints, photos or matching word art when space is short. Do you have a relatively small area between doors in your hallway, or maybe a powder room? When it comes to hanging, hang them side by side, one straight above the other, or if your prints are rectangles offset like the photo below.

If you use a pair of prints in a larger space, make a statement with larger pieces. Think 30”x30” minimum. In larger spaces typically hang a pair side by side. 

  • Decorative Accessories – Sometimes a pairing of 2 items is just what you need. Think a pair of chunky candlesticks on a narrow mantle, a pair of lanterns on a hearth or maybe a couple of accessories on a small tray. In these instances a grouping of three would be too much and overpower the space rather than accenting it. One very important thing to remember when creating a grouping of two is to not leave too much space between them. They’re friends, they like each other.


So remember, we love trios but sometimes three can be a crowd and a perfect pair is just what you need! Need a little help pulling your space together? Let us help! Rachel makes house calls and we offer suggestions from your photos every day in the store. 

Until next time,


Ecclesiastes 4:9 "Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor."

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  • Lynne O’Neal

    Rachel, this indeed is a fun one! You and Joy are quite the clever ones. I enjoyed my sashay through the spring displays in the shop today(I mean Twosday). And the decor examples you have shared using pairs is helpful advice. Always much fun checking out the new items and observing the great styling!

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