The Perfect Gift

What do you buy for someone who seems to have everything? I find myself asking this question every year when Mothers' Day rolls around. And just when I've found the right thing, it's time for graduations and weddings... Then the questions, "What do you get a graduate you don't know very well?" and "How can I bless this sweet couple with the perfect wedding gift?"

Graduation Gift

Do you have a friend or family member who is simply a great gift giver? You never have to tell them what you want -- they just somehow, instinctively know. My son, Ryan, is that way! He will recall conversations we've had, and BOOM, he's found the perfect gift. 


Recently, I asked Rachel, "How do you figure out what to get mom for her special day?" She answered emphatically, "You don't figure it out! You ASK her!!"

But what about those times when you can't recall a conversation about the "perfect" gift, and asking will ruin the surprise? How do you decide what to give?

Here's the rule of thumb I like to use: if you don't like the gift, don't give it to someone else (unless they asked for it!) 

God Is With Her


The cost of the gift doesn't matter as much as the meaning behind it. (Unless you're giving cash! Then more is always better!) Whether it's a gift for mom or a long time friend, give something that says "this made me think of you and smile!"

Rachel, an excellent gift giver, has been putting together an interactive Spring Gift Guide. If you have a hard time finding a thoughtful gift, let her do the hard work for you! She has a way of putting things together that look beautiful, and you can take all the credit for it! So, don't fret over the upcoming gift giving season, our Spring Gift Guide comes out tomorrow!  Who knows, you might even surprise Mom and in turn, become her new favorite!




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