Luggage Is Packed And Ready To Go

I can't believe it's almost summertime! I know so many of you teachers have been counting down til the last day of school. Will you be headed out for a trip this summer or planning a staycation? Since I'm a new grandma, I plan on making some trips this summer to see my little boy, Teddy! 

Rachel and I recently got back from separate trips to Orlando. I went to see family while she and Jay got away for a needed vacation for her birthday. 

It's always fun to compare the size of our suitcases and what we put inside. You probably think I'm the one who brings everything except the kitchen sink, but I'm actually a light traveler. I used to overpack to have a variety of choices; now I pack lightly so there's room to add things I shop for! If I forget something, I'll just buy it when I'm there!

I don't know about you, but planning what to wear and what to pack is the most stressful part of traveling. Since everyone has different packing styles, I thought I'd share some of my tips with you. In fact, after looking at last year's packing list, I've cut it shorter.

On packing lightly, here are my rules:

  • Only ONE suitcase to carry on the plane 
  • Add a big bag to hang on the suitcase. Personally, I squish everything in a small suitcase so I don't have to check my bag on the plane.
Joy's Packing List
  • Comfy shoes--Tip: I wrap extra shoes in plastic grocery bags so they don't get my clothes dirty.
  • Unique smelling soaps: if I'm going to the beach, I bring my coconut or tropical smelling soaps.
  • A cute dress and sandals for a fun night out
  • Devotional & one book--I used to take several books then realized I barely got through one and wasted space with too many books.
  • Air pods, chargers, and portable battery 
  • Toiletry bag-- put lotions & skin care regimen in little containers so I don't have to bring all of the bottles. They always stay in my toiletry bag so it's ready to grab any time I want to get away.
  • Beach bag, floppy hat, and sunscreen--if I'm headed to the beach
  • Sweatshirts and hiking shoes if I'm headed to the mountains
  • Card games & our family game journal
  • Soft blanket for on the airplane
  • Water bottle-always stay hydrated

Above is a fun example of things to take on your trip. I'd use the pink striped bag for my carry on bag for the plane! There's a good book to read and a journal for those times when you just want to relax and write. I also added the coloring book--it might be fun to color on a car ride or a plane flight rather than play games for hours on your phone! The soap and lotion are amazing--you'll just have to put them in little containers if you're flying. Of course, there's the yummy candle with the lid--it's metal so it's easy for traveling. We also have great assortment of water bottles for traveling, too! 

If you're headed out this summer, stop by for more fun ideas. If you're planning on staying in town, we still have fun games, books, and outdoor party ideas for you! Whatever you plan, we hope it's fun and safe!

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