Lemons and Leftovers

When I was growing up, we had "leftovers night"--a night when everyone would pick a leftover, heat it up, and enjoy. I'm not sure we "enjoyed" them, but it made life easier for Mom. Do you have these nights at your house?

Now, in my fridge there 3 kinds of leftovers...

  1. Leftovers I never plan to eat. I feel guilty about throwing away perfectly good food but know I will never actually eat whatever it is going into those storage containers.
  2. Leftovers I forget about. They were once tasty and I thought I would eat them, but now they have been forgotten in the back of the fridge. (And resemble a science experiment gone awry.)
  3. Leftovers that everyone fights over: these usually happen around Thanksgiving and Christmas, with the top prize at my home going to sweet potato casserole and strawberry pretzel salad!


I would have to say that most of my leftovers are generally forgotten about; I thought I'd eat them but alas, I did not! Which category is yours?

"Where is Joy going with this??" you might ask!! Well, the end of this week is our ever popular Lemons and Leftovers Event, and I assure you our leftovers are MUCH better, like the coveted Thanksgiving food!!

Our lemons include items that have been scratched, chipped, and dented throughout the year. When something is damaged in the store, we put it back to bring out this one time of the year with a fantastic discount passed on to you.

Our leftovers are generally last of their kind, discontinued items, or seasonal overstocks. Lemons and Leftovers will be 30-90% off while supplies last.

If you have shopped the sale before you know it's the best of the year! If not, don't miss our one BIG outdoor sale of the year. Let's hope it's not 100 degrees or pouring down rain. Either way, the show must go on! We hope you'll join us and get some fabulous finds!

Until next time, make some lemonade!


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