Fun Summer Recipes

Do you find that you have a whole different set of recipes for the summer? Now is such a great time to change up your recipes. Between cooking on the grill, to making different fruit salads, to adding garden fresh vegetables, summer is a taste-bud's delight!

We thought it would be fun to share some of our summer recipes with you. And of course, we have to share the cute Mud Pie dishes that correspond! So from "Our Wreath Stand Family" to yours, here are some of our yummy summer recipes:

Rachel knows how to make my day--she brings in her homemade, fresh salsa from her own garden veggies. Her salsa rivals any other salsa I've ever tasted. (Side note: if you haven't been next door to Baja Burrito, you're missing out! They have the best pineapple salsa!)


Rachel and Natasha both rave over Michelle's deviled eggs:

Since we've shared our favorites with you, it only seems fair that you share your recipes with us, and we'll feature them in an upcoming blog!

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Until next time, happy eating!




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