Southern Breakfast

As we get ready for the Spring Hill Country Ham Festival this week, southern food has been on my mind!

Anytime someone mentions country ham my mind automatically goes to my great-grandfather.  He always put up his own hams, and as a little girl I remember there were always country hams hanging in his basement. They were the best!

I have always loved country ham and everything about a good, southern breakfast!  This week I want to share some of my favorite breakfast recipes.  These are dishes I enjoy sharing with my family, and I hope you will as well.

We'll start with one of my favorites, Cheese Grits.  This is a recipe for a quick version that you can enjoy anytime.  

Quick Cheese Grits


1/2 Cup Quick Cook Grits

2 Cups Chicken Stock

4 Ounces Freshly Shredded Cheese - I use white cheddar 

2 Tablespoons of Butter

1/4 Cup +/- Buttermilk - Regular milk is ok, but this is a good way to use up buttermilk leftover from cornbread

Dash of Cayenne Pepper or Tabasco Sauce


In a heavy pot, bring chicken stock to a boil over medium high heat.  Slowly whisk in grits.  Cover and cook over medium low heat for 5-7 minutes, stir occasionally.  Remove from heat.  

Stir in butter and shredded cheese with a wooden spoon.  Gradually add buttermilk until desired consistency. Add a dash of cayenne or Tabasco to taste.


Don't get in a hurry adding the grits.  If you pour them in too quickly, they will be lumpy.

The amount of milk to add may vary each time.  Keep in mind that grits will thicken as they cool, but once you add the milk you can't take it back out.  Words of wisdom from my grandfather, George; "It's a lot easier to make something thinner than thicker."  (I think that only applies to cooking and not so much waistlines...)

This is one of my go-to comfort food recipes, and I hope you will try it soon.  I look forward to sharing more recipes as the week goes on.  So come back tomorrow for another southern classic, and don't forget to stop by our tent at the Spring Hill Country Ham Festival at the Tennessee Children's Home in Spring Hill on Saturday!


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