An Entertaining Summer

Outdoor parties and entertaining are upon us, but if you’re accident prone like me, it becomes one story of mishap after another! When we moved into our apartment, I was so excited to string lights on our patio. I saw so many cute patios on Pinterest, and mine was sure to look like one of them.

Here’s tip #1 when hanging outdoor lights: get a ladder/don’t climb on chairs or tables. I wanted to install my lights the moment I bought them from our store; I didn’t need any help putting them up (or a ladder!)

Oh, here’s tip #2–don’t have the lights already plugged in when you put them up! So I plugged in the lights to make sure they were all working and hooked them onto the wall, while standing on various chairs. The wind picked up, blowing down my lights, smacking them into each other and the opposite wall, breaking at least 5 bulbs! I leaned from the chair to grab one of the lights, but unfortunately I touched the live part of the broken bulb (remember, they were still plugged in) zapping my finger and knocking me off of the chair! A neighbor walked by commenting how nice my patio looked and wondering why I was yelling!


So how can you enjoy outside entertaining if you’re accident prone like me? (Perhaps, get someone else to hang your lights!) Let's face it, it's not fun entertaining outdoors if you tend to break things or if you have young little hands wanting to help. Enter all things melamine!  

Today’s melamine has such a great quality and the designs are all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Melamine plates and acrylic glasses are the perfect addition. They're fun, colorful, and won't break! Here's a little sampling of some of the melamine you'll see at our store right now.

Our collection of white melamine trays are beautiful. You can dress them up or casual them down. We have platters, cake stands, bowls, napkin holders, salad servers, and so much more. Adding an accent of color is easy because they're white and practically go with anything.

How about changing things up for this weekend and 4th of July by adding red, white, and blue melamine. 

I'm a huge fan of our white matte melamine!

If color is what you're looking for, the variety of colorful melamine plates will delight you. These are fun to use outside or inside. Celebrate every day with fun plates!

This shelf makes me so happy with all the colors. We have solid colored plates, plates with fruit, plates with flowers, platers with bikinis! You're sure to find some that will make you smile.

We're never at a loss of ideas for you! Stop by and let us show you how to make your summer entertaining exciting and practical at the same time.

See you soon,



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