Spring Birthdays

What is the best birthday gift you've ever received? Since today is my birthday, I will share with you my favorite gift!

On March 9, 1993, our son, Ryan Michael Morris, was born on my 25th birthday. Really, it's my fault that he was born on my birthday. It was my due date, I was impatient, and I chose to be induced. But here are the real facts: the hospital (in Peoria, IL) was opening up a new birthing center; I had developed a few complications, so my doctor said we might as well be the first delivery in the new wing and win all the prizes! Now if you know me at all, you know I like to WIN!!

Long story short--I won! Ryan was the first baby born in the new wing; we received many prizes; we were on the local news and in the local newspaper! I even remember being in labor saying, "am I still winning?!" The real win, of course, was my sweet little boy.

Ryan is 28 years old today, and he's still the best birthday gift I've received. It's kind of hard to beat that one!

We never get tired of hearing customers tell us we're their favorite go-to for birthday gifts. I was thinking of springtime birthdays and thought I'd show you some of our go-to gifts!

With all the spring birthdays coming up, you probably have a list of people to shop for. Whether it's a little gift or something bigger, I just know we can help you out!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Until next time, I'm gonna go eat some birthday cake! Chocolate, of course!



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  • Jen Rosenthal

    JOY!!! Happy Birthday to YOU & Ryan!!!
    Eat ALL the chocolate today & en”joy” your day!
    I’m glad “you won!”

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