Build The Perfect Easter Basket

When I think of holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas are at the top of my list, but Easter has always been my favorite. While I love the changing of seasons and the glorious colors of fall, new life, beauty of spring, and the remembrances of Easter fill my heart with great joy.

Every year as a young mom, I'd played the same Christian CD on repeat as Easter approached. I remember my son, Austin, asking, "Don't you ever get tired of hearing it over and over?" I replied, "I can never get tired of all Jesus has done for me!" And that's truly why Easter is my favorite--forgiveness and the resurrection will always be the songs of my heart.

I enjoyed putting together Easter baskets for my kiddos. Beanie babies were such a huge hit in the 90's, with each kid getting one. Of course, there would be lots of candy, Peeps, chocolate, more candy, Hot Wheels for the boys, and something sweet for our little girl. And each year everyone would receive a new outfit for Easter Sunday with the explanation that "we are new in Christ so shall wear something new!"

Designing Easter baskets is still fun, and we love making them for our customers. While Easter is just a few days away, there's still time to put some together for you! The great thing is--you don't have to be a kid to get a basket and you don't actually have to use a basket! There are so many creative ways to put happy things together.

Stop by and see us this week and let us help you with all your last minute decor and baskets for Easter. You buy the candy to fill the basket--we'll take care of the rest!

Until next time, rejoice! Easter is here! He is risen!


By the way, here's the CD I listen to every year to prepare my heart for Easter.  It's back from 1998, and I still love it! The album is about the week leading up to Easter Sunday.

I also love this book (It's actually Cindy Morgan's husband!) I've read it 4 times, always leading up to Easter. It also tells a story about the week leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection.


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