Cheers For Dads And All Their Jokes

When did Dad Jokes become so popular? It used to be that your dad told a joke and you just rolled your eyes. Now the jokes have morphed into memes and funny t-shirts. My husband actually searches for dad jokes and texts them to our family every day!

If you follow us on social media (and by the way, please do!) you'll see we're posting dad jokes every day in our stories.

Dad Joke

You might be surprised to find that a cute home decor, gifts, and accessories boutique like us has some great things for the men in your life. We love being your "one stop shop," so of course, we've had to get some fun things for the guys!

For the griller in your life, these are sure to please!

I absolutely LOVE these books. Dad, More Than You Know is a book that gives you prompts and you fill in the blanks. It's a very thoughtful gift. Because Of You, Dad, is just a sweet book for dads of all ages--sure to make anyone tear up! 

 Everyone knows that Dad controls and loses the remote! Perhaps this pillow will help him out?!

Quality time is always a great gift, so why not get a fun puzzle and spend time together working on it.

Whatever your plans are for this coming weekend, we hope you'll let us make it extra special! 

Until next time, enjoy some fun Dad Jokes!



Dad Joke

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