Come On In and Stay Awhile

Have you ever met a person who has the gift of hospitality--welcoming everyone into their home and making them feel special? When I asked Michelle about her grandmother, she smiled, choked back a few tears, and told me about her: "My grandmother always had people over; everything was always homemade. It was typical to have about 20 people over for Sunday dinner with a spread on that table that wouldn't believe. If anyone came to town, they stayed with her. She had a heart for people; they felt loved when were in her home."

Michelle's grandmother understood the true meaning of hospitality. She always had a delicious meal ready and hosted the best parties you've ever attended, but the secret was in the love she had for everyone who walked through her doors. It can become so easy to get caught up in the details that we forget the most important detail - LOVE!



Years ago I fell into the trap of not wanting people to stop by our home because it might not be perfectly clean or decorated like a magazine cover. One day, I was blessed with the realization that my friends were coming to see me, not my home. Once I released myself from the pressure of perfection and being judged for not achieving it, I allowed myself to open my home and relax.

What a blessing that has been! We have been able to enjoy so many wonderful times with others in our home that would have been missed opportunities in the past. 

As always, we'd love to hear from you! Do you enjoy entertaining? What's the best advice you received from someone about being hospitable?

Til next time--enjoy the journey~


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