Creating a Luxurious Bedroom

There's something magical about staying in a really nice hotel. I love high quality linens and beautiful, luxurious suites. It’s so nice to be able to truly relax, turn off the noise of the world, and pretend for just a little while that we have no responsibilities or endless to-do lists at home. 

Often I find myself asking, “How can we create a luxurious retreat like this at home? What can I do to make my space peaceful and a place where I can retreat, relax, and recharge every night?” We’re firm believers that when a space looks good, you feel good in it. So, let’s start there. What are a few things we can do to make our bedrooms look great?

Luxury must be comfortable

  • The secret to achieving the look of designer bedding lies in the layers. 
    • Start with the sheets. (We highly recommend our luxurious, bamboo sheets from Faceplant Dreams.) Pick a color that coordinates with your bedding. I typically choose solids, a white or gray.
    • Add a quilt, duvet, or coverlet. Choose something that will launder well so you can sleep under it at night without having to remove everything from your bed. 
    • Next, pile on the pillows. Typically I start with the 2 pillows we sleep on in the back. Then, add the euros (2 for a queen or 3 for a king size bed). Then it’s 2 more standard size pillows, and top it off with an accent pillow or 2.
    • Finally, finish the bed with a folded quilt, blanket, or comforter at the foot of the bed. 
Layered ruffle bedding
    • Feeling at peace at home begins with decluttering and ends with functional style.
      • If you’re like me, my nightstands can become a collection bin for everything from phone chargers to water bottles and books. We need these little things, so how can we have them at hand and still have beautiful style? 
        • Consider your furniture. Do you need something that has more drawers? Or maybe a piece with a shelf for a catch-all basket would be a better fit.
        • Baskets can cover a multitude of sins. (I think that’s somewhere in the “Good Book of Decorating”…) Keep a little basket to hold your glasses, hand cream, and a good paperback by your bed. Just be sure to go through the basket every so often to declutter and put away anything you aren’t actively using.
      • Now for the fun part, how to style a cute nightstand!
        • Choose lamps that are the appropriate size. A good rule of thumb is to choose a lamp that is approximately ⅓ as wide and close to the same height as your nightstand (usually 24-28” tall).
        • Bring in a little life. It’s never a bad idea to bring in a little touch of green with a high quality artificial or live plant. 
        • Select decorative accessories sparingly. Limit the bedside decor to 2 or 3 things. Maybe a stack of books & a cute clock or a little plant with a sweet picture frame.
      • Adorn your walls with art that speaks to you.
        • What brings you peace? Is there something that brings a smile to your face every morning? Fill your space with these things. Look for artwork that coordinates with your space and makes you happy. If that painting you put in your room 10 years ago no longer makes your heart happy, swap it out for something that does!
        • Keep the bedroom decor simple. Select fewer, larger pieces for your bedroom walls. Or, if you choose to do a gallery, try something more linear and less busy than you might pick for a family room.

      I’m thinking about the things I need to do to refresh my bedroom. Maybe it will be changing out the lamps for something more updated or swapping out a picture or two. While I don’t think I’ll ever tire of staying at nice hotels, I want my home to be my place of luxury and comfort. Here’s to building lives and homes we don’t need to escape from.

      We look forward to seeing you soon,


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