Cure For The Winter Blues

I recently heard someone say, "people who change their decor every season are happier people." I'm not sure the science to back that quote, but it's definitely true here at The Wreath Stand. Christmas is a glorious season at our store, but when the new year comes, we're beyond excited to put out new merchandise whether it's winter, Valentine's, or spring tulips. And believe me, we've got LOTS of good things delivered that you're going to love!

I've been enjoying the new year at my home--it's between seasons for decorating, and I've been embracing my winter decor. I still have snowy winter stems and thick fluffy blankets and pillows to cuddle, giving the whole "winter: stay at home vibe." It just feels good to relax and enjoy my surroundings. 

While this January has been so mild, I think we've been tricked into believing that spring is here. However, if I recall, February is usually colder, giving us the winter blues. Valentine's Day is definitely the highlight of February, and then it's a long stretch 'til spring. If you knew you were going to be stuck at home for a week due to snow and ice, what would you do? I like to have a plan so when crazy weather comes, I won't go stir crazy!

Joy's Cabin Fever/Winter Blues Plan

  • Of course, stock up on toilet paper, milk, eggs, and bread! Isn't that what everyone does in Nashville?
  • Buy a puzzle or some fun games.

  • Pick up a few books to put on your "must read" list

  • Think of some projects you want to do around your home and prioritize them: for me, I want to organize the cabinets and laundry room, but I also want to paint my dining room chairs. So I'm going to need buy some paint to be ready for the snow days!
  • Fill your home with spring decor and beckon spring to come!

  • Plan a trip to a warmer climate! Having something to look forward to always helps the blues. I'm headed to Orlando on Feb 1!
  • Come see us! We're full of fun and full of cheer here. We'll make you laugh and show you all our new spring inventory. Those two things alone are sure to cure your winter blues.

Whether you embrace winter or jump forward to spring, we truly hope this blog finds you healthy and happy. 

Until next time,


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