Think Outside the Basket

Easter is a little early this year: April 4. Since everyone loves receiving Easter baskets, we thought we'd give you a little tutorial on how to put a basket together. We always love helping our sweet customers, so if you want us to do a basket for you, of course we'd be glad to!

  • Start with choosing a "container;" we say this because you don't have to use a basket with grass. It's fun to use coffee mugs, trays, or wooden boxes--think outside the basket!
  • Choose a color scheme--By sticking with a certain color, your basket will have a more cohesive look.
  • Add textures--whether you choose real touch tulips, a knitted blanket, warm socks, or a soft tea towel--mix it up.
  • Appeal to the different senses--a candle or shower bursts; yummy chocolates or delicious dips for taste.
  • Add dimension--crinkle tissue paper or use little boxes to add height in your container so that no items will disappear to the bottom.
  • Make it personal--think about the person you're giving it to and cater to their likes. For instance, my daughter loves coffee, chocolate, paper goods, and good candles. So I will put those things in her basket.

It's nice to plan ahead so you don't stress out or that things don't sell out! Stop by soon and visit with us. As always, we'll be happy to help you think through your Easter needs and help you put together the perfect gifts!

Until next time, save a few chocolate bunnies for me!





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