Great Advice From Dad

When did dads start getting all the credit for bad, corny jokes?? Moms make bad jokes, too! ha! If you've been following our social media stories, you've been "blessed" with our funny Dad jokes every day til Father's Day. We hope these have brought a smile to you & your family.

Dads may have a reputation for silly jokes, but most dads are full of great wisdom. With Father's Day coming us this weekend, we've been reflecting on wisdom from our Dads and wanted to share some of our favorite advice they've shared with us over the years:

The best advice I ever received from my dad wasn't something he said but rather something I observed. (And really, aren't most lessons learned that way as a child...) As far back as I can remember, I saw my dad sitting at the kitchen table reading his Bible. He has consistently made a habit of reading through the Bible each year. His quiet devotion and time spent daily studying the Word has been the best advice he's ever given me.

Thank you for reading along today. I realize that Father's Day (as well as Mother's Day) is a hard day for so many people, for so many reasons. Perhaps you've lost a parent or never had one in your life. Maybe your spouse, who was an amazing dad, has passed. Every year as I celebrate my parents, I'm reminded of dear friends who've not had the same experience as me. I want to say this to you-- "I'm sorry this day is so difficult. I hurt for you, and I pray for you. More importantly, God sees you; He loves you, and He is the BEST Father--faithful and true." I pray this encourages you today.

Until next time, big hugs~


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