Help Me Redecorate!

Rachel and I have this fun game (it's fun to me) called, "Help Joy redecorate her home!" This is how it goes: I have a day off from work. She's really busy at the store and I send her a picture of an area I want redecorated. Sounds fun to me!!

Here's my wall in the family room. I loved it, but it was feeling too busy for my brain:

So I asked her to cut out things and give me a new idea:

Then she took the shapes of the pictures and drew them in.

Voila! It's done!!

Side note of what NOT to do: So I might have climbed on the tv shelf to get things down. And I might have had the letter M drop on my head and break (that's why it's not in the picture!) So my advice would be to get a ladder. Rachel bought me one for Christmas after I also fell off a dresser in another room! I guess she doesn't like me falling and not being able to come to work!!

This is a fun way to be creative when we're not together. Would you like to have a virtual re-decorating party? We can do it!!

Until next time, practice safe decorating, my friends!


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  • Mindy Hampton

    Luv it!! You two ladies are soo talented and I can not wait to play this game!! Do we get an unlimited amount of turns!? Lol I want to make sure I use my turns wisely!! I’ve got a couple troubled small spots I can soo use the help!!
    Thank y’all for always being soo kind and helpful!!

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