Itching for Change - Part 1

After being home for so long, are you ready for a change? Sometimes the best way to perk up is to move things around and add some color.

With summer upon us, I've been itching for some change! (Okay--literally itching! Have your allergies been driving you crazy?! Even my poor dog is itching....) I'm so excited to be back in the store & wanted to share some of our new arrivals with you to help cure that itch & spark an idea or 2 to change things up at home!


Summer Blues

Classic Blue continues to be the hottest color in decor right now. Have you already embraced the blue hues? Here are a few ways to transition this great color for a fresh summer look.

  • Pair Your Blues with Red for a fun, patriotic look. This can carry your decor from Mother's Day all the way to Labor Day. 


  • Take it outside! Don't forget your outdoor decor. Bring classic blue outside with planters & indoor/outdoor pillows.


  • For a more neutral look, let the blues shine with natural green accents. We love the look of lambs ear, ferns,  & succulents with classic blue.


  • New pillows are always a good way to refresh your space. These classic blue favorites are great all year, but especially Summer!
  • Remember that color wheel from art class? Turns out, the color wheel can be a very helpful tool when you're selecting decor! Yellow & blue are complementary colors on the wheel. Translation - they bring out the best in each other! So a beautiful, summery match for your Classic Blue pallet is yellow... We love the sunflowers with these blue, matte candlesticks!

And you can NEVER go wrong with happy, yellow tulips!


What do you think? Are you ready to bring in some Classic Blue or refresh the blues you already have at home? Is your style more neutral? Stay tuned tomorrow, we'll be sharing our favorite Summer looks that incorporate succulents.


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