Itching for Change - Part 2

On Tuesday we shared some ideas for bringing Classic Blue into your summer decor. (If you missed it, you can find that post here.) Today is all about lighter shades of blue as we share ideas for bringing in coastal inspired summer decor!

Most of us love a beach vacation & what better way to bring a bit of those happy memories home than in our decor. Here are a few ways to enjoy the beach vibes without covering every surface with seashells.


Coastal Summer

  • The best way to embrace coastal decor when you live in Tennessee is through colors. Think about mirroring the colors you find when you spend the day by the ocean... The blue sky, the blue-green water, white & brown sandy beaches...  You could even bring in some accents from those gorgeous orange sunsets, too! 


    •  Another key element in your coastal decor is texture. Bring in the smooth texture of calm seas though sea glass. The weathered piers & seaside homes can be mirrored through distressed wood & white accents. Reminisce a classic beach picnic with woven rattan baskets, and bring in a beaded motif for an updated look.


    • When you get ready to add textiles to your look, think light-weight, frayed edges, and washed colors. Maybe a Turkish throw that mirrors your favorite beach towel, a pillow with a frayed flange or washed canvas look would help complete your look.


    • Can I use these shells or sand I got on vacation in my decor? Yes, but like all things, in moderation. (Please, don't glue all of those shells to your end tables!) I like to just pick a few favorites and display them in a pretty glass bowl on a shelf or even the coffee table. My suggestion for the sand, keep it in a bottle with a lid. Nobody wants to come home to a toppled bottle of sand all over the rug! 


    I hope these ideas have gotten you thinking about how to bring a little bit of your happy place home. In our next posts we'll be highlighting succulents, summer bedding & creating a backyard retreat.



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