"Mad" at March Madness?

I'm not as "mad" about the March Madness basketball tournament as I have been in the past. This is the first year I have actually done a bracket, so we will see if I'm "mad" by the end of the tournament.  

I used to get frustrated with March Madness, all the basketball on tv, because I was such a Martha. You know what I mean--I would always want to clean on the weekends and wonder why everyone in the house didn't follow my craziness. I didn't have time to be "unproductive" and just relax and was annoyed by those who did.

It's So Good To Be Home

Perhaps it's with age, but that cleaning bug doesn't hit me as much on the weekends anymore; and believe me, my husband is happy about it! Home has become a respite, a place where we just like to be together, relax, and be grateful. Oh, I still love to clean and tidy up, but I cherish times to just be home and be still.

Since we don't have family close by, we enjoy entertaining friends with dinner and desserts, great conversation, and playing games. When people come inside our home, the first comment we usually hear is how cozy and welcoming our place is. I love cozy pillows and snuggly blankets, great smells, and my favorite mug filled with homemade hot cocoa.

True South Puzzle

Sometimes it takes a concerted effort to slow down and relax if you have a Martha tendency like me. So this year, and not just during March Madness, I'm determined to be more of a Mary instead of a Martha. I want to sit more and enjoy a good book. I want to do a puzzle and laugh about a funny memory. I want my family to relax and not feel required to help me clean. I want to enjoy the coziness of my home with the love of my life. And this year, yes, I will even watch some basketball with him and cheer for the teams in my bracket.

Home Sign

Full disclosure: the reason I haven't done March Madness brackets in the past is because I'm too competitive, a little uptight, and don't like to lose. So here's a fun thing to do that won't stress me out: March Mud-Pie Madness! I'm going to click the link below and have fun voting for my favorite Mud-Pie products. Enjoy this stress-free game brought to you by us, The Wreath Stand.


March Mud-Pie Madness


March Mud-Pie Madness with The Wreath Stand

Are you ready for a little March Madness fun?  We are so excited to announce our very own version of March Mud-Pie Madness!  You will be able to follow the daily links on our Facebook page to vote for your favorite Mud-Pie dishes.  At the end of each voting period, the brackets will be updated and you get to vote again for the next round winners!  We'll be starting with 16 of our favorite items and announce the winning product on Sunday, March 24th at 8:00 PM. 

As an added BONUS for playing this fun game, you can purchase any of our Mud-Pie Circa and Bistro serving items at Buy One, Get One 50% Off from now through midnight on Sunday, March 24th.  Use the coupon code "MUDPIEMARCH" at checkout online or in the store.



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