New Year New Space

It's Tuesday, January 4. Is your Christmas tree still up? One of our sweet customers, Nikole, came in during our after Christmas sale and told me her tree is down and the purge has begun! If you know me, you know I LOVE a good purge, isn't that right, mom?! Some years my tree comes down by the 27th, but since I've loved my tree so much this year, I waited 'til Jan 1!

Goodbye, pretty tree!

As my purge began, I went through Christmas boxes and got rid of ornaments and decor I no longer use/like; then, strangely, I decided to go to the pantry/refrigerator to discard all unhealthy foods. (Yes, I have cleaning ADD--I start in one area, walk away, and then start cleaning in another area.) After that, I cleaned the laundry room. I was on a roll! (Side note: a shelf had too much on it, broke, and everything fell down!)  To my husband's chagrin, my projects generally end up on his "honey-do list." (Added side note: I jumped out of the way as things fell; nothing broke; I wasn't hurt; and no, Rachel, I wasn't standing on the washing machine!) 

As I clean out and refresh I can't help but remember our store motto here,  "Filling your home with things you love." Do I still love this frame, this lamp, this candle? If the answer is "not really," then the time has come to donate it to someone who will love it.  

Since my home is now clean and less cluttered, I had to ask Rachel, "what's new in home decor? What do I need to change!? Are there new things I must buy?!" (Not that I really need much of an excuse!) While I like simplicity for a while, I’m also ready to change things up. Do you feel that way after the new year? New year, new space, isn't that right? 

The good news is as I've been cleaning and revamping my house, Rachel has been doing the same thing at the store! The shelves are filling back up with beautiful decor for winter and everyday. New shipments are coming in every day, and Rachel will be heading to Atlanta next week to shop for even more treasures for you. Do you need a little help? Some inspiration for where to start? We'll be glad to lend a helping hand. Send us some pictures of your space, drop by the store, or schedule an in home design consultation with Rachel.

Until next time, happy purging!


PS: to that added side note above, don't tell Rachel, but I was standing on the dryer! 

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