Preparing for Holiday Guests

Did you have a chance to read last week's blog?  As we approach the holiday season, we wanted to share a mini-series on welcoming guests into your home. This week is Part 2! 

Since nearly 51 million people typically travel during Thanksgiving, there's a high probability that you'll be having guests in your home.  In last week's post we talked about table settings and ways to make people feel special in general. This week we want to focus on those guests coming to stay for a bit longer. 


  • Just in Case Basket: In the rush of the holidays it's so easy to forget things! Why not put together a basket of necessities for your guests just in case they left a toothbrush, soap or lotion back at home? And better yet, add a little surprise or two for them... Maybe a pair or World's Softest Socks, a new nail file, or some shower bursts!


    • A Quiet Retreat: Time visiting over the holidays is such a blessing, but sometimes even your guests will appreciate a few peaceful moments alone.  Leave them a couple of books, magazines and maybe even a calming candle on the bedside table this year for your guests to enjoy. 


      • 5-Star Bedding: Want a 5-Star review from your guests this holiday season? One of my favorite things about staying in a nice hotel is really great bedding! Now is a great time to refresh your guest linens and maybe even bring in a couple of fun holiday throw pillows to set the mood. And for one more special touch inspired by nice hotels, drop a piece or two of chocolate candy on the pillow. 



      • Make Yourself at Home: Some house guests may feel comfortable enough to pull out anything they need in the kitchen. But others may feel more at home if you set out a tray with mugs & glasses ready for them. Include some teabags or k-cups so they can help themselves to a warm drink.


      We hope you are able to spend quality time with your family this holiday season wether in person or virtually. We are so thankful that each of you are a part of our Wreath Stand family!

      Until Next Time!



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