All Things Happy

One of the perks working at our cute little store is that customers become friends. We're so happy to see your face (even with a mask) as you walk into the door; and we love hearing from you that our store is your "happy place!" It's funny because even as I'm writing this, Yvonne and Lesa were shopping with us and told me this is their favorite store!

Since it feels like 2020 has been defined by craziness, anxiety, and fear--we're glad to be a place of calmness, laughter, and "happy." With that in mind, we thought a blog focusing on "happy" would be very apropos today!

What things make you happy? Do you like things that make you happy/teary (like a Hallmark movie) or happy/spit-the-tea-out-of-your-mouth-hilarious? What makes me happiest is laughing hysterically over videos of people getting scared! I have a friend who will send me those videos since we have the same sense of humor! (Anyone remember the infamous chicken vs Joy incident this spring?!?!)


Sometimes it's the simplest things that make me smile... hearing a baby giggle; a phone call from one of my kids; a nice dinner with my husband. I'll walk around the store and see new things and say, "Oh that makes me happy." I joke that it's wrong to get goose bumps when I see new merchandise, but it happens ALL the time!

Finding joy in the little things helps to alleviate the little stresses of life and focuses my mind on better things. Joy in independent of happy, external factors. I recall the saying from years ago, "Joy isn't the absence of trouble but the presence of God." 

Our wish for you this week is to find something to make you laugh, something to make you smile, and something to cling to that will give you JOY!

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  • Debbie Armstrong

    To Joy and Rachael,I sure do miss you both.You both always put a smile on my face and always helped with making my unusual items look great.I have had 3 eye surgeries since the end of July ,detached retina twice. I just had tubes put in lately so I can’t drive yet.Im so glad I received your post in my email,keep them coming.Im not looking for a pitty party,ha God is good! Just keep me in your prayers and I will you both as well. God bless!

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