Did Someone Say Christmas Shopping?

I know it seems early to be talking about Christmas shopping and holiday decor, but in retail world, we’re so excited!! I thought I’d ask you some questions and get feedback from you. First question: guess who took the picture with the JOY ornament?!

Let's talk about holiday shopping. Do you find holiday shopping fun or a drudgery? I have friends who shop all year long and then happily tell me in August, “Oh I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping!” Admittedly, I wait too long and then get frustrated because all the good stuff is sold out! This year I’ve promised myself that I’m going to get my shopping done sooner!

Do you like shopping with friends and getting their input?

Do you prefer to be alone and make your own decisions?

Does “peace on earth” mean online shopping to you?!

For all you different shoppers, we have solutions!

  • Open House: Join us Friday and Saturday, Nov 6-7, for our amazing holiday open house. This is always a long expected event. We can't wait for you to see everything we have in store for you!
  • Online Shopping: Do you prefer staying home in your pajamas, cuddled with a blanket, a hot cup of cocoa, and do your shopping? We see nothing wrong with that!! Hop on over to our website and shop all night long. Click for store pick up when you're ready to pay, and your order will be waiting for you when you come in. All our holiday decor will launch on our site by Nov. 1st.
  • After Hours Shopping: Want to enjoy all of your favorite Christmas treats but avoid the crowds of the Open House? Reserve an After Hours Shopping appointment and shop with a limited number of other guests. 
  • Private Shopping: We'll provide the fun, an amazing selection of Christmas treasures, snacks & a free shopping tote for each shopper. We just ask that you bring at least 4 friends when booking a private shopping party

And just like *that* we've simplified your Christmas shopping! Okay, not completely~after all, who's going to buy what you want?! Did you know you can make a wish list at our store for yourself? (I just found this out!!) Click here to get started. Tell your family about the wish list, and when they shop with us, we'll show them exactly what you want!

We hope all these ideas can make your holiday shopping easier. As always, we're here to give you decor advice and help you find the perfect gifts. We can't wait to see you soon!

Until next time, sip some hot cocoa and watch an early Hallmark Christmas movie! You'll definitely be in the mood to shop after that!




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