Pillow Fights

I have a funny thing that I like to collect. Something that drives my husband crazy. From what I've heard talking to customers, many of you have the same collection!

PILLOWS!! I love pillows--can't get enough of them. If I get bored of them, I will buy different ones. How many pillows do you have have on your bed? (8 for me) Your sofa? (5)

So why do most husbands hate pillows? I really need to know. In fact, I asked that question on my Facebook page. I said, "Why do husbands hate pillows? Asking for a friend..."

The answers were hilarious: 

"Tell your friend to quit whining. We just do!!" - Michael O

"I need one pillow to put my head on when I sleep. What's the point of the other 78 on the bed?" - Jeff W

"I like to make my irrational hatred of them due to environmental reasons!" Joe 

"Moved all the pillows off our couch this week...tired of hearing him complain of said pillows!" - Joanna L

The funniest comment came from my hubby-- "I don't hate all pillows. I love useful pillows. Soft ones you can lay your head on. But pillows are not meant to decorate. Shiny ones with writing and ones that are too small to use are useless clutter and should be eliminated."  Poor guy...29 years of marriage, and he still hasn't learned!

So apparently I'm not the only one who deals with this persecution. I feel the only solution is to probably buy more! Ha! I would love to hear your love/hate comments on pillows.  Yes--it's a silly topic, but sometimes we just need to laugh a little!

So on that note, count the pillows on your bed, and tell us a funny story! We'd love to hear from you. And if you need more pillows, we can definitely help you out!

Keep laughing~


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