Sharing Love With Special Friends

Is Valentine’s Day a holiday you embrace or try to avoid? I used to think it should be called "Singles Awareness Day," since people without romantic connections felt left out. Then one day my sweet daughter invited her college friends over to celebrate “Galentine’s Day.” She decorated her dorm with balloons and flowers, made yummy food, had a photo booth, and thus created a huge celebration of friendships. She inspired me to show love and appreciation to friends in my life.

It was a good reminder that Valentine's Day doesn't have to be all about romance. We can use it as a day to show others how much they mean to us.

                           With that inspiration in mind, here are some gift ideas                     for the special friends in your life:

The Best Friend: She’s been through your good, bad, and crazy times; you both raised kids together; she loves you no matter what; she still won’t tell you that you’ve put on a few pounds.

The Adult Child: You survived her teenage years and college days, and now she’s all grown to be a dear friend and confidante. 

Sister:  She’s the one who knows you the best and loves you the most; she knows your secrets and better not tell mom and dad, so make sure you stay off her naughty list!

Neighbor: She’s the one who you borrow sugar/butter from; who helped you take the door off the hinges when your teenage son kept slamming the door; the one who watches your crazy dogs when you’re out of town.


Struggling Friend: She’s the one who’s always there for others, never wanting to impose on anyone; she’s going through a difficult time and could really use a warm hug.


What a precious gift friends are to us. I'm so thankful for the dear ones the Lord has put into my life. I am richer because of those friendships.

Until next time, share some love!



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