What Makes You Smile?

What makes you smile? Is it receiving a surprise gift? Being encouraged through a sweet note? Someone unexpectedly cleaning the house?

I Thank My God

For me, having the dishwasher cleaned out makes me smile. I remember one morning at 4:30 hearing dishes clank in my kitchen. Had someone broken in my house to clean out the dishwasher?! What in the world was that noise? Finally, I realized it was my husband cleaning out the dishwasher! It made me so happy that he's continued to do it to this day. (Just not at 4:30am) 

Prayers to Share

Receiving notes of encouragement makes my husband smile. He appreciates when I notice little the things he does or encouraging him on a hard day. My daughter loves getting gifts, no matter the size; I will pick something up just to let her know she's in my thoughts. She just beams, and then it makes me happy too!


We all have different love languages -- different things that make us feel special and loved. We tend to show love in the way that we like to receive love. But, since everyone is different, it is important to understand the love languages of those closest to us.  If your spouse likes physical touch & back rubs, but your love language is gift giving... why not give him a back scratcher!! True story--it happened to a friend!

Here at The Wreath Stand, our love language is gift giving! This week we're launching a new special to show you how much we love and appreciate you! Beginning this Saturday, June 29th we are kicking off our 5th Saturday Celebrations! Every time a 5th Saturday rolls around, we will be giving you a different FREE GIFT when you shop with us! We look forward to spending time with you this Saturday!

Until Saturday, shower someone you know with love!


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  • Cindy Knight

    Rachel & Team! The photography on your website, FB and Instagram is so pretty and inviting. Can’t wait to see your store (and spend some $ too). xoxo

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